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Labware Plastic DRUM & BARREL


Model No : SPDB 101

Type : DRUM

Catalogue :

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Product Description

Plastic Drum or Barrel Manufactured by Plastic Labware India
Drum or Barrel is moulded by polypropylene. 
It has a Full Open Top Drum suitable to handle, storage and transportation of solid,semi liquid, and pasty substances, including food products, bulk drugs and chemicals.
It has an easy access for stirring, emptying and cleaning.
It has an exceptional stacking strength.
It has a removable cap fitted to the drum's top end, using a galvanized steel or plastic closure ring, which is locked by a closing lever.
It has a special master batch with UV Stabilizer to ensures protection during long term exposure to sun irradiation.
Its drum can be transported any where as it is stiff enough to bear the jerk & jolts of the transportation.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Plastic Drum or Barrel at wholesale competitive prices from India.

Model No:- SPDB 101  25 Ltrs                    1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 102  30 Ltrs                    1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 103  40 Ltrs                    1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 104  50 Ltrs                    1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 105  60 Ltrs (Bucket)      1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 106  65 Ltrs                    1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 107  80 Ltrs                    1 Pc Pack
Model No:- SPDB 108  120 Ltrs                  1 Pc Pack