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Plastic Wash Bottles: Clean Up Tool of Every Laboratory

08 Nov 2015

Laboratories are equipped with modern scientific instruments to carry several experiments on a daily basis. Laboratory scale equipments should be properly cleaned up for sterilization purposes.

Wash bottles serve the purpose of cleaning glassware and other lab equipment. These bottles are generally filled with water or other cleaning liquids. The cleaning solution is poured onto the tools that need to be cleaned. These should be made with a translucent material which is durable so that the cleaning solution can be squeezed out of the bottles. Generally, polyethylene material is used for the manufacturing process as it satisfies all the aforesaid properties. There are several types of wash bottles which are available in the market. Some types of bottles which are available are:-

  • Plastic Wash Bottles: Plastic wash bottles are manufactured by using Low Density Polyethylene which imparts a translucent and durable character to these bottles. Solutions can be discharged easily by squeezing the bottle slightly. The cap is fitted with an adjustable polyethylene delivery tube which can be used wherever required. The capacity of the bottles varies widely. Generally, 125, 250, 500 and 1000 millilitres bottles are available in this range.


  • Plastic Wash Bottles New Type: The advanced model of wash bottles which are designed for better calibration specifications as well as improved design is the new type of plastic wash bottles. Wash bottles new type is manufactured by using Low Density Polyethylene and is translucent and durable in nature like the previous wash bottles. The main distinguishing feature is that these bottles contain an inbuilt delivery tube that makes it multipurpose wash bottle. These bottles are calibrated on the outer surface to give a direct visual idea about the volume of solution filled or dispensed.Generally, 125, 250 and 500 millilitres bottles are available in this range.

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