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Plastic Cage Manufacturers: DESCO India

30 Nov 2015

Deluxe Scientific Surgico Limited also known as DESCO India is manufacturer of Plastic Labware and equipments used in hospitals and laboratories. In medical laboratories there are many types of equipment that are used for various tests and treatments, we at DESCO India are the largest manufacturer of plastic Labware products for laboratories.


Animal cages are important lab wares which are used to provide shelter to animals in labs. DESCO is manufacturer of various kinds of Animal Cages as listed below:

Plastic Animal Cage 

Plastic Animal Cage provides shelter to animals while in laboratories. It has metal top which has ventilation upwards for proper oxygen supplies. It has facilities to feed different kind of species.

Plastic Animal Cages are available in two sizes: One is 29cm X 22cm X 14cm of size and other is of 43cm X 27cm X 15cm of size.

DESCO is a manufacturer and supplier of Plastic Animal Cages at wholesale rates.

Animal Cage Twin Grill

Animal Cage Twin Grill is made up of plastic and has a stainless steel grill. This twin grill provides clean surface to the animals so that they can move easily in the cage. It has metal top which is facilitated with ventilation to provide fresh air and avoid suffocation.

Plastic Lab ware India from DESCO is the manufacturers and suppliers of Animal Cage Twin Grill at whole sale rates. Animal Cage Twin Grill is also available in same sizes as Plastic Animal Cage.

Animal Cage Water Bottle

Animal Cage Water Bottle is made of Polypropylene and has a stainless steel feeding tube. Polypropylene water bottles prove to very important accessories for animals in cage. It is designed for supplying water to animals in cage with ease and comfort.

DESCO Plastic Lab Ware is the manufacturer and supplier of Animal Cage Water Bottles at whole sale rates. Water bottles come in two sizes with capacity of 250 ml and 125 ml respectively.

If you want any kind of Plastic Laboratory Ware products then DESCO India is dedicated to deliver your wishes at affordable costs.